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12 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Mayana

Wonderful Health Benefits Of Mayana

This time we will talk about the health benefits of mayana. Mayana is an ornamental plant commonly planted in the yard. However, who knows that this plant is a herb for several diseases. Herbs are natural medicines from certain plants such as mayana which have the same medicinal properties as pharmaceutical drugs and even natural medicine (herbs) are better because there are rarely side effects. the effectiveness of herbal medicine as medicine has led many people to find out about the properties of various plants. For example, the mayana plant has many benefits for the treatment of disease.

On this occasion we will discuss what are the health benefits of Mayana plant or Coleus Blumei. This plant is very much grown in the Philippines and is now widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. The characteristics of the Mayana plant are green, red, yellow, pink, and some even purple. The unique and beautiful leaves of the mayana plant make a special attraction, so many people plant Mayana as an ornamental plant.

In the herbal world, the mayana plant has been used as an herbal plant for years to cure many diseases such as fever, cough, colds, and other diseases.

Best Health Benefits of Mayana

1. Mayana Has Antihistamine And Anti-asthma Properties

The Mayana ornamental plant has been shown to relax the muscles in the respiratory area, thereby providing an increase in lung capacity.

Another benefit of mayana is that it dilates the capillaries because it reduces the production of histamine.

health benefits of mayana
health benefits of Coleus Blumei

2. Treating hemorrhoids

Another benefit of mayana is treating hemorrhoids. This is a disease caused by inflammation or swelling of part of the anus.

How to treat hemorrhoids with mayana is by boiling mayana leaves or making tea from these leaves.

For more leverage and effectiveness, add a little turmeric in the mayana leaf stew.

3. Mayana can treat headaches

Mayana leaves are also useful in treating coconut pain. If you plant this ornamental plant, you are very lucky because you usually use it as an herbal medicine when you experience a headache.

The way to treat coconut pain with mayana leaves is by pounding it so that the juice comes out, then the juice is used to rub it on the head.

4. Treating ulcers

The health benefits of mayana leaves are also for treating ulcers.

Heat the mayana leaves (do not burn) and place it on your boil. Do it several times a day to provide a medicinal effect on boils.

5. Benefits of mayana to cure swelling and bruising

Swelling or bruising due to accidents can be cured by using mayana leaves.

The method is the same as when making a potion for headaches. Mash finely until the juice comes out, and apply it to the bruise or swelling.

6. Good for treating fever

If you have a fever, you can get help from mayana leaves.

Boil mayana leaves and drink the water to get maximum treatment for your fever.

7. As a source of antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that fight free radicals in the body so that the body is free from toxins. These toxins called free radicals damage the body’s cells, causing various diseases including cancer.

Consuming mayana leaves after boiling or making tea is very good for general body health. One of the benefits of leaves or fruit that are rich in antioxidants is to prevent skin wrinkles or premature aging.

8. Cure coughs

Furthermore, the health benefits of mayana are as a cough medicine. The way to make a potion is to boil the mayana leaves, strain and drink the water.

Mayana leaves have the property of removing phlegm from your esophagus.

9. Mayana leaves as anti-hypertensive

Mayana is also good at lowering blood pressure as well as the health benefits of bilimbi.

There is a compound called forskolin, its benefit is to relax muscles, and is able to dilate blood vessels.

This potion is useful in maintaining the stability of blood flow so that it is free from hypertension.

10. Treating indigestion

Another benefit of mayana leaves is to overcome digestive problems. This can relieve stomach aches and heartburn.

Diarrhea or stomach pain can be overcome by consuming mayana leaf stew.

11. Mayana helps Hypothyrodism condition

The content of Forskolin in mayana leaves is useful for overcoming hypothyrodism problems.

Mayana leaf ramun can regulate enzymes and hormones in the body so that it provides benefits to the thyroid gland that is no longer functioning.

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Other Health Benefits of Mayana: Treat the Glaucoma

Furthermore, the benefits of mayana are treating glaucoma. This is an eye health condition where you experience gradual loss of vision. This is caused by the pressure on the eyes.

There are several models of glaucoma treatment, and using mayana is one that is very easy to do.