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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Makabuhay [Giloy]

health benefits of makabuhay or giloy

This time we will talk about the health benefits of makabuhay. This is a plant popularly known as Tinospora cordifolia, guduchi, gaduchi, giloy and is also known as heart-leaved moonseed.

Makabuhay or giloy is a vine that is often used as an herb in treating many diseases. Usually the giloy plant is a traditional herb in tropical areas such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

Intrigued by the health benefits of crazy or delicious? Immediately, we see the list of benefits below.

Health Benefits Of Giloy (Makabuhay)

1. Good for liver health

This plant is believed to have a hepatoprotective effect, meaning that the makabuhay plant has the ability to protect and protect against liver damage.

Fatty liver disease can be treated with the makabuhay plant, this plant also has the ability to remove scar tissue in the liver and encourage new growth of damaged tissue in the liver.

Mkabuhay or what is called guduchi is a herbal plant that is good for treating the liver. Some people are popularly known as “giloy” for this plant.

2. Benefits of Giloy to remove toxins

The plant makabuhay or guduch or giloy has the ability to remove toxins from the body, as is the knowledge in ayurvedic medicine.

Apart from eliminating toxins, the makabuhay plant also has benefits for improving the digestive system. Perhaps this is a positive effect of the loss of toxins in the intestines.

Health Benefits Of Makabuhay
Makabuhay vines

3. Giloy benefits for diabetes

In ayurvedic medicine, a plant with the name makabuhay or giloy is declared an anti-diabetic plant, and has been used as a natural anti-diabetic.

There have been animal studies, where the giloy plant is said to have the ability to lower blood sugar and is good at tolerating glucose.

But can this be effective in humans? More in-depth research is needed to clearly identify its benefits to human health.

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4. Relieve fever

The next health benefit of Giloy is to cure fever. Makabuhay or Giloy is effective as a medicine for fever caused by the malaria virus. This makabuhay plant can lower the body temperature of people with fever.

The way to treat fever with makabuhay is to boil the leaves of this plant or the climbing stems. Then filtered and drink the water.

5. Benefits of makabuhay as a diuretic

Makabuhay is a plant that can excrete excessive fluids in the body. Swollen bodies due to fluid buildup can be cured with makabuhay or giloy or guduchi plants.

So, by utilizing the makabuhay plant you can cure edema.

6. Benefits of makabuhay for scabies

Scabies is a skin disease characterized by skin patches, rashes and itching, and it can be passed from one person to another (it’s contagious).

The way to treat scabies with makabuhay or giloy is to grind or pound the leaves and stems of these vines. Then apply topically to the skin affected by scabies.

7. Increase immunity

To increase immunity, you can consume the makabuhay plant. In fact, it can help improve overall health, can relieve coughs and digestive problems as well.

8. Drugs for respiratory tract infections

For sufferers of chronic cough or bronchitis, one of the natural remedies is makabuhay or giloy.

This herb can boost immunity but can also fight mucus infections in the respiratory tract.

There is even research related to this problem, research shows that the giloy plant is good for fighting respiratory infections.

9. Relieve stress

The makabuhay plant is a natural adaptogen, meaning it is a plant that can relieve stress.

Research says that the makabuhay plant has an effect similar to that of a sedative often used to treat anxiety problems.

This herb has also shown the best effect of both cognition and memory enhancement.

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10. Useful as an antiseptic

Makabuhay with its antiseptic properties it can heal wounds and cuts quickly because it prevents infection

The trick is to wash the wound with boiled water Makabuhay or Giloy.

Besides boiling, you can also pound the plants and leaves of makabuhay, soak them in coconut oil, and apply to the wound.

11. Relieve arthritis

If you experience health problems such as rheumatism or arthritis, use the makabuhay plant. Mash this plant and soak it in coconut oil before using it as an ointment.

Apply it to the joints you feel aches or pains. This also happens because the makabuhay is also anti-inflammatory.

12. Benefits of makabuhay for stomach ache

The infused water from this plant is useful for treating your digestion, or you can also make makabuhay tea by boiling plant leaves.

13. Improves Sexual Health

In ayurvedic medicine, makabuhay is considered as an avrodisiac plant that is good at promoting sexual health. Problems like impotence, premature ejaculation or permatorrhea can be treated with this wonder plant.

14. Blood circulation

Makabuhay or giloy plant is a vine that is useful for improving your blood flow.

The trick is to consume makabuhay regularly, for example once a day or once a day, but in small or medium amounts. Never consume excessively because there may be side effects.

15. Treat Eczema And Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are other skin problems, and they can also be treated with the vines known as giloy. So, Giloy’s health benefits are overcoming scabies, psoriasis and eczema.

How: It is by drink makabuhay tea or giloy tea, another way is to finely grind it like a paste and rub it on the infected area as a natural ointment.


Those are just a few of the health benefits of makabuhay, so maybe the benefits are still a lot for health.

Among the many extraordinary benefits, I often use this plant as a medicine for arthritis or as a rheumatism drug which I use as a topical.

Can you immediately consume makabuhay? Before you decide to drink or treat with this plant, first check your health, and ask a doctor for advice. Especially, if you are under a doctor’s supervision because you have a certain disease.