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Which Juices is Good for Hair?

juices for hair growth

Do you want to grow hair fast after shaving it or after trimming it. Take a look at the following list of the best juices for hair growth. We will focus this article on accelerating hair growth by using natural ingredients from vegetable or fruit juices.

Fruits and vegetables have a lot to do with the health and beauty of our hair. So, one way to consume it is to make juice from these vegetables and fruit. Slowly you can bring this juice into your daily life and you will get tremendous benefits for your hair.

Green vegetables and fruits are useful for preventing hair damage. Especially fruits that are rich in anti-oxidants, iron, rich in phosphorus and others. Immediately, take a look at the list of juices that are useful for increasing hair growth.

Top 10 Juices for Hair Growth

One of the benefits of green vegetables and fruits is to prevent hair loss. Thus, regularly consuming these juices or fruits and vegetables will give you a boost to accelerate your hair growth naturally. Let’s look at one by one, make sure there is a juice that you like.

1. Aloe Vera Juice

The Aloe Vera is an herbal plant that is rich in vitamins essential for healthy hair. Aloe vera can prevent hair loss, so consuming it can be useful for hair. An easy way to consume aloe vera is to make aloe vera juice.

This herbal plant contains enzymes that are useful for moisturizing the scalp to prevent damage to hair follicles. Apart from that, it removes dry skin or dandruff which is the cause of hair loss. If you are diligent in consuming aloe vera juice, you will get healthy and shiny hair.

2. Kiwi fruit juice

Kiwi fruit contains a lot of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient for healthy hair and scalp. You can consume kiwi fruit regularly or make kiwi fruit juice, naturally this juice will be easily digested and absorbed so that it quickly provides a healthy effect on your scalp and hair.

Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant that will clean toxins and free radicals in the body so that it is good for overall skin health, and prevents premature aging and keeps hair shiny and healthy.

3. Onion juice for hair

Shallots are not only useful as a food spice in the kitchen. But onions are also good juice for hair growth. You can consume garlic juice or rub onion directly on the hair roots. The onions will stimulate the growth of the hair mane and thicken the hair and prevent hair loss.

By using onion juice, various germs and parasites that are contaminated on the scalp will be destroyed. If you want fast hair growth, then be diligent about using red onions or consuming onion juice orally. You can find onion juice recipes that are scattered on the internet.

4. Spinach juice

Spinach juice for hair growth

Spinach is a green vegetable that is rich in vitamins, iron, and various other minerals. The nutrients in spinach are good enough to nourish the hair and scalp. If you experience itching on your head, treat it by consuming spinach juice. Itching can occur due to dandruff or due to unhealthy skin.

So, one of the best juices for increasing hair growth is spinach juice.

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5. Guava juice

Guava is a fruit that we often eat raw or we make as a snack. Now you try to consume in other ways. Make guava juice, it will nourish hair and skin thereby stimulating faster hair growth.

Guava contains iron, calcium, folic acid, and others. Apart from making guava juice a natural remedy to accelerate hair growth, we can also make a potion from guava leaves. Boil the guava leaves for twenty minutes, wait for it to cool and apply on the head.

6. Coriander juice for hair growth

Coriander is a kitchen spice that is often a complement and flavoring to food. Now you can make coriander juice to speed up your hair growth. Coriander also prevents hair loss and provides stimulation for hair follicle growth.

Apart from making coriander juice, the leaves can also be made into a paste. Mash fresh cilantro into a paste and apply it immediately to the scalp. This will stimulate hair growth naturally.

7. Garlic juice

Furthermore, the best juice for growing hair is garlic juice. Since prehistoric times, garlic has been used as an important herb to cure various diseases, including preventing hair loss. Garlic residue is useful for increasing hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair roots.

8. Carrot juice

The best juice for increasing hair growth is carrot juice. Carrot juice is enriched with beta-carotene which gives hair a shiny black color. In addition, the follicles will strengthen and provide the best quality to your hair. Meanwhile, vitamin C provides nutrients and keeps the scalp strong and healthy.

9. Strawberry juice

Strawberry fruit is rich in vitamin C which is quite good in providing protection against cell and tissue damage on the scalp. When the scalp is healthy, hair growth will be healthy and will avoid hair loss. Not only by making juice, but mashing and crushing strawberries to make a mask on the scalp can also add to the benefits described above.

If you want to speed up hair growth, consume regularly one of the types of juices above or you can combine several juices. For example, today you drink carrot juice, tomorrow’s strawberry juice and the day after tomorrow’s cucumber juice and so on.

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10. Cucumber juice

Cucumber juice is useful for increasing the supply of hemoglobin to hair cells. Drinking a glass of cucumber juice regularly every day is good for overcoming your hair problems.