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How to Get Bigger Hands

How to Make Your Hands more Muscular

Bigger hands work best for some things, such as being good for playing basketball, or for being able to play the piano easily because you can spread your fingers wider. For some reason, you may always want your hand to be a little bigger. So, can you get your hand bigger?

Can you increase size of your hands, or increase your height for specific purposes and benefits?

The actual hand size is limited by the size of the bones of the hand. You need to know that there are no exercises or stretches to be able to increase the size of the bones of the hands to be longer or wider.

Our hands are powered by about 30 types of muscles. This muscle can grow stronger and bigger with the various exercises we do. This of course has an effect on increasing the reach of the radius even if only slightly. This means that with certain exercises that can increase muscle size, this can help sports such as playing the guitar or piano.

How to Make Your Hands more Muscular

To increase the size of your hand or your fingers, there are several exercises you can do. This exercise is not only to increase hand strength or certain muscles, but it can also make your hands appear bigger.

This exercise to increase the size of the hand is the same as any other exercise in general. Warming up is important before starting exercise, it is important to prevent injury or other discomfort.

Well, before you do this exercise, soak your hands first in warm water for a few minutes, you can also try wrapping your hands with a warm towel (a towel soaked in warm water).

If you have arthritis, exercise or treatment with a warm towel can relieve this discomfort, or the resulting musculoskeletal conditions. That is the importance of soaking your hands in warm water before you start exercising to increase the size of your hands.

Here are exercises you can do to increase hand size. You can do this exercise 2 or three times a week. So, wait two days after each exercise so that your muscles recover.

1. Squeeze the soft ball

  • Hold this soft ball in your hand
  • Squeeze the ball as hard as you can, don’t make it hurt
  • Hold the ball tightly for 5 seconds, then release
  • Repeat this exercise, doing 10 to 12 repetitions for each hand.
  • For variation, you can hold a soft ball with your thumb and fingers (one hand), hold it for 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

In addition to squeezing the ball, you can also increase your grip strength by using other sports equipment that you use by squeezing it.

2. Clench your fists and let go

  • Make a fist, place your thumb along the outside of your fingers,
  • Hold this position for a minute, and then open your arms,
  • Spread your fingers as wide as possible, for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 3 to 5 times on each of your hands.

3. Working with clay

Make a ball with clay, then role it out. Manipulating clay can strengthen your hands. If you play with clay like making sculptures, it means you will not only get strong hands but also train your motor skills.

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4. Turn the wrist and arch

  • Sit straight with feet flat on the floor,
  • Hold a light dumbbell weighing 2 to 3 pounds (one hand) to start,
  • Rest that hand, palm up, on your leg so that you stick out at the edge of your knees,
  • Bend your wrists up so that you lift the weight above your knees,
  • Then, bending your wrist back to the starting position, do it slowly
  • Do repetitions up to 10 times, and swap your tag
  • Do 2 sets to 3 sets, repeating 10 times for each hand

How to increase flexibility of the hand muscles

Doing hand stretches can increase the flexibility of your hands and it increases your range of motion.

Below are some exercises to flex your hand muscles, you can do these exercises every day. This is a light exercise but it takes commitment.

1. Thumb stretch

Hand size is measured over the back of the hand and has always been an estimate around the NFL draft, those with a longer hand span are considered a good thing and a plus for quarterbacks.

However, the ability to throw a ball, or grip the ball, has more to do with hand strength, not hand size. But it must also be noted that the ability to throw the ball, grip the ball properly and perfectly is not only related to hand strength but also to technique and hand flexibility. So it is necessary to have flexibility in this hand so that you can throw the ball more freely and easily.

So, one way is to widen the span of the hand, this is the maximum distance from your thumb to your little finger. Here are the steps to widen the span of the hand. Follow it carefully!

  • Slowly pulling your thumb away from the other fingers, you will feel a slight stretch.
  • Hold for 30 seconds and relax.
  • Repeat with other hand for the same duration.

2. Flat stretch

  • Place one hand with the palm facing downwards, do it on a table or other sturdy object.
  • Straighten all your fingers slowly until they are even (as even as possible) with the surface of the table.
  • Hold in this position for 30 seconds and then do it with your other hand.
  • Repeat this stretch 3 to 4 times for each of your hands.

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3. Finger lift

Furthermore, muscle stretching exercises are known as finger lifts.

  • Start with your palms down on the table
  • Gently lift each finger off the table surface as high as possible, so that you feel the stretch along your finger.
  • After stretching each finger, do this simple exercise 10 times
  • Next, repeat with the other hand with the same duration and multiples.

Determine the size of your hand

Every part of our body has a unique size, be it hands, ears, eyes, or other parts of the body.

However, there is an average body measurement for children or adults, if you want to know how your hand measures, below we explain how.

Hand measurement is usually done in three ways:

The length is measured from the tip of your longest finger, to the crease under the palm of your hand.

The width is measured across the width of the palm, where the fingers meet the palm.

The circle is measured around the palm of your dominant hand, as well as under the knuckles and this is not counting the thumb.

One hand not only contains 2 dozen muscles, it is also equipped with 26 bones. The length and width of the bones, each person is determined by genetics. Grandparents with larger or longer hand sizes will pass this trait down to their offspring at a later date.

For women, bone growth usually stops in the middle of adolescence. Meanwhile, for men, it will stop a few years later. But the muscles are different, the muscle size can be increased again even if you get older.

When we train hand strength, the hand muscles can get bigger and thicker. In addition, a hand that has been broken or traumatized by an accident can also affect its size.

Key points

We really cannot increase the size of our hands and fingers. However, with some of the exercises mentioned above, we can increase and improve the flexibility of your hands and fingers so that they can improve performance related to big hands such as holding a ball or throwing a basketball.

These exercises can make your hands stronger, have a good grip and are strong. Do the exercises carefully so that you don’t injure your hands.