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How to Freeze a Baguette

How to Freeze a Baguette

Baguette is the perfect bread for your dinner, the crispy outside and soft interior fits perfectly on the tongue and makes you want more.

This is a delicious and delicious bread, whether you make it yourself from home or you buy it at a bakery.

Freezing your freshly made baguette is a smart choice when you want to enjoy a more perfect dinner. You just need to take it out of the freezer and this bread remains soft and pleasant on the tongue. Baguettes freeze just as well as most other breads, but be careful that you store them in an airtight container before placing them in the freezer.

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Once in a while when you need to, you can easily enjoy this bread with its crunchy exterior and soft interior.

Before wrapping it, cool the baguette first at room temperature, if not walled first, then when frozen it will produce an airtight seal and produce a moist and runny bread.

How to Freeze a Baguette

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How to Freeze a Baguette

First, cut the baguette into portion sizes or two. You can also slice your baguette before putting it in an airtight container. So, this step depends on how you want your Baguette to be frozen.

Wrap the Baguette in two layers of plastic wrap. Make sure no part of the bread is exposed to air (empty air in plastic wrap). Wrap the baguette tightly, using foil, so you can reheat this frozen bun without having to thaw it.

Place the wrapped bread in the freezer at 0 F. Do not place it in the freezer door, but place it on the inside or furthest from the door, this is to prevent the freezer air from changing when you need to open the freezer.

Look How to Freeze a Baguette

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Frozen baguettes can be stored for up to 8 months, before enjoying, thaw baguettes at room temperature for 1 hour. Now you can enjoy Baguettes with your family without having to make them from scratch.