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Health Benefits of Banana Flower

Health Benefits of Banana Flower

The banana flower is the place where the banana removes its fruit comb. The flower is located at the end of the fruit bunch and this flower is usually used as a delicious vegetable with certain recipes. The color is dark red or red, and some call it a banana heart. The benefits of banana flowers are quite large for health, it is rich in vitamin A and vita C which are good for health.

In some countries, banana flowers are used as salads and some are made as raw food. The banana flower is like any other part of the banana which is full of sap. To prepare this banana flower you must use gloves so that it does not get exposed to the sap. Here we will talk more about the health benefits of banana flowers for health (banana heart).

Banana History

The banana plant is native to Southeast Asia, Malaysians use banana flowers and discard unripe bananas as an ingredient in curry dishes. While Indonesians serve raw bananas as a vegetable, they slice raw bananas and peel them (if the skin is hard) then cook using coconut milk. Now in the store there are many fresh banana flowers and bananas that have been canned. But fresh banana flowers are preferred.

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Health Benefits of Banana Flower

Banana flower is rich in nutrients and it has many benefits. You can consume it raw by adding salt or cayenne pepper, you can also enjoy it by making vegetables.

1. Benefits for infection

Fresh banana flowers whose bodies are at the end of the fruit bunches are rich in vitamins and they are good as anti-infection. Banana flowers have ethanol flowers that prevent the growth of pathogens. Consuming banana flowers can also restore and prevent the growth of malaria and parasites.

Health Benefits of Banana Flower

2. Overcoming anemia and diabetes

The benefits of banana flowers are also good for overcoming diabetes and anemia. Consuming banana flowers is recommended for diabetics because banana flowers can lower blood sugar and increase hemoglobin. This is because banana flowers are rich in fiber and iron which can encourage the growth of red blood cells.

3. Banana flower increases lactation

For breastfeeding mothers, banana flowers can increase the supply of breast milk, and this also prevents excessive bleeding, keeps the uterus healthy, prevents constipation during pregnancy, and increases lactation.

To cook banana flowers as a delicious vegetable, you must add various other spices to make it taste delicious and delicious. If you often experience constipation, then often consume banana flowers, often cook banana flower vegetables, you can look for banana flower recipes on the internet, choose one that is delicious according to you.

4. Banana flower reduces free radicals

Banana flowers have proven health benefits. The high content of antioxidants in banana flowers is great for fighting free radicals. Good antioxidants and useful for preventing cancer and premature aging.

Banana flowers are one of the many foods and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. So, to get maximum benefits in preventing premature aging and cancer, include banana flowers as one of the foods in your daily diet.

5. Overcoming menstrual problems and weight loss

Banana flowers contain progesterone, this is useful in dealing with excessive bleeding. You can try this banana flower recipe, 1/4 cup of banana flowers cooked with a little water, and add a little salt. Once cool, add 1/4 coconut milk, 2 grams of chili, and half a teaspoon of cumin, this will give a delicious and thick taste. All this is added in thick yogurt and with ripe banana blossoms.

Banana flowers are rich in fiber and nutrients and are great for stopping bleeding. In addition, these fiber-rich foods are also good for weight loss.

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6. Rich in vitamins and minerals

Furthermore, the health benefits of banana flowers are thanks to the richness of vitamins and minerals. Banana flowers contain vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Also rich in fiber and potassium and this is a source of healthy nutrients for the body.

7. Good for mood and prevent anxiety

For those of you who are always not in a good mood, try to eat more vegetables from banana flowers. It is an anti-depressant with no side effects. This is thanks to the rich potassium in banana flowers.

8. As anti aging

Banana flowers are rich in anti-aging known as antioxidants. This antioxidant content makes banana flower vegetables rich in value and price. Consuming it regularly can reduce the risk of cancer and premature aging.

9. Banana flowers nourish the uterus

Consuming banana flowers can also strengthen the uterus. When cooking banana flower vegetables, add turmeric powder, cumin seeds and pepper. Boil with a little pepper and cumin, and turmeric powder and salt as needed until cooked.

By drinking this decoction regularly can improve uterine problems.

10. Good for Gastrointestinal Health

Banana flowers are vegetables that are rich in two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. The benefit of soluble fiber is that it allows food to pass through the intestines smoothly. Meanwhile, insoluble fiber helps in most of the undigested products because it does not dissolve in water.

So, fiber and insoluble have great benefits for smooth digestion.

11. Benefits of banana flowers for heart health

Why are banana flowers good for the heart? Banana flowers are a good source of tannins, essential acids and flavonoids as well as other antioxidants to ward off free radicals. In the end, eating banana flowers (banana heart) prevents cell damage or cancer and heart disease.

12. Prevent Neural disorders

Nerve disorders can cause Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Consuming banana flowers on a regular basis can provide great benefits, this will prevent nerve damage and of course prevent both types of disease.

Traditional uses and benefits of banana flower

Banana flowers are used traditionally to treat bronchitis, constipation, intestinal problems and menstrual cramps.

Great for improving mood, easing anxiety, this is thanks to the high magnesium in banana blossoms.

Good for regulating blood pressure

Prevents excessive lightening during menstruation

It can also reduce bleeding associated with menorrhagia.

Improves kidney function and is good for lowering blood cholesterol.