How To Get Rid of Black Ants

How To Get Rid of Black Ants – Best Ants Killer

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Black ants are a very annoying type of insect. Usually, black ants come to the house because there is food or because it is raining because the house is damaged by water. But, of course you don’t want black ants to bother your home.

How do you get rid of black ants? Can this be done traditionally or must use pesticides? If you have to use pesticides? What type is the best?

Read on our article, because we will explore how to get rid of black ants at home. Hopefully, this will benefit those of you who are struggling to defeat black ants!

Top 5 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Black Ants

The important thing is to plan for this action, so you can get optimal results.

1. Check every corner of the house

Check every corner of the house

You need to check the part of the house, is there a gap or space that makes the ants get inside? If you find a black ant, pay attention to its stretch, don’t kill it. You can make the ant as a guide to find their colony. See where the ant is moving, keep following it to a suspicious place. Ants usually make nests in damp places such as under wood or in the ground, especially if there is a pile of soil that you make.

2. Clean the house

Clean your house, especially the route that becomes the way for ants. You good to clean with soap. Also clean the leftovers, especially those containing sugar, because this is their driving force.

3. Kill Ants

If you find only an ant, then kill it. If an ant is dead, the others will usually arrive.

4. Kill black ants when you find them.

You do not need to limit your efforts to kill annoying ants and have entered your room. This is only a small amount that approaches your home. For a larger target, you must pay attention to the black ant queen. To be able to kill the queen, you must use poisons that react slowly to the ants that you find outside the nest. Once this poison is infected with ants, it will bring the disease to its colon so that it spreads there.

5. Using diatomaceous earth (DE)

If you want to avoid chemical poisons you can use one of the natural ingredients such as diatomaceous earth (DE) to repel black ants. To use difficult gaps in my body, use boric acid or essential oils. For the use of essential oils, you can use peppermint oil and use it on cotton. Spread to all ant lines.

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The Main Aim is to Kill the Black Ant Queen

Experts from the University of Kentucky commented on how to effectively get rid of black ants or all other types of ants. The method that is mostly done by only killing ants that appear is less effective. It’s only a small part of the ant, there are still thousands more hiding in the nests. So it is important to know the nest so that it can kill all ants including the queen.

They say that killing ants that appear alone will not solve the problem. However, what is needed is to kill the nest, including the queen who is in charge of laying eggs. So, the effective way to get rid of black ants is to kill all colonies and black ant queens.