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Gardenia Essential Oil Health Benefits

Gardenia Essential Oil Health Benefits

Gardenia Essential Oil Benefits. This is an essential oil that is extracted or extracted from a plant related to coffee. If you want to feel the sensation of the essential oil from coffee beans, you can try Gardenia Essential Oil.

This essential oil is rich in health benefits. In this article, we will discuss what are the benefits of this gardenia plant essential oil. But before we explain the health benefits of Gardenia Essential Oil, let’s get to know more about these essential oil-producing plants.

What Is Gardenia Essential Oil?

Gardenia Essential Oil is an essential oil that is obtained from the gardenia plant. The aroma is sweet and distinctive, this is what makes this essential oil useful for making fragrances and aromatherapy. For example, there are many beauty products that use gardenia essential oils such as lotions, candles and perfumes.

The production of this oil is by extraction from the gardenia plant but not by evaporation. The flowers are very delicate and unsuitable for steaming. There are some that use the ‘enfleurage’ process which involves animal fat but does not cause odors to trap plant compounds. Unlike the case with gardenia essential oil that is obtained today, most of it is oil that is distilled by evaporation.

Now, let’s take a look at what are the health benefits of this gardenia essential oil.

Gardenia Essential Oil Health Benefits
Gardenia flower that used for getting the Gardenia Essential Oil

Gardenia Essential Oil Benefits

1. As an anti-inflammatory

Arthritis, colitis, and ulcerative colitis are some forms of inflammation that can be cured with gardenia essential oil. These anti-inflammatory properties can be treated with essential oils.

There are two chemicals found in gardenia essential oil: Geniposide and Genipin. Both act as anti-inflammatory and even various diseases caused by inflammation can be handled well, including jaundice, fever, edema, and liver disorders.

2. As anti-seizure and sedative

Furthermore, the health benefits of gardenia essential oil are as a seizure remedy and sedative. Research says gardenia oil has calming properties and exhibits anti-seizure activity.

If you mix jujube oil with gardenia, the effect will be even stronger.

3. Gardenia essential oil benefits as antioxidant

Gardenia essential oil is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that inhibit the formation of free-radicals and reduce oxidative stress. They can also help you reduce the risk of contracting cancer and purge damage-inducing toxins from the body. Antioxidants also play an important part in skin health and are responsible for reducing scarring and pigmentation (6).

4. As an anti-bacterial

Gardenia essential oil is also antibacterial. This shows that this oil is useful for treating tetanus, sepsis, and other diseases related to bacteria. How to use it is by adding a few drops of gardenia essential oil to the water. Then spray the mixed water, you can also add a few drops of gardenia oil into the water bath. Besides being good at fighting bacteria, this oil is also useful for preventing bacteria from growing in the body. Among the harmful bacteria that often occur are salmonella and E. Coli.

5. Helpful for Interstitial Cystitis

The health benefits of gardenia essential oil are also associated with interstitial cystitis. This oil can relieve interstitial cystitis, or help with pelvic pain.

A study involving 25 patients who used gardenia essential oil to treat interstitial cystitis. However, the results were surprising, where as many as 80% of patients reported decreased bladder and pelvic pain during treatment with essential oils within 90 days. So, if you are suffering from pelvic problems, you can try this essential oil by adding a few drops to your bath water, and see how it works to relieve pelvic pain.

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6. Improve mood

Apart from being anti-bacterial, gardenia essential oil also has another great benefit as a mood-boosting medicine. Including them is eliminating anxiety. For its use, you can massage your head with it or use a few drops in your bath water.

So, the benefits are not only warm the body but also give a nicer mood which in turn gives calm and peace in the soul.

7. As an Aphrodisiac

Gardenia oil is an oil that has aphrodisiac properties, meaning that it is ready to increase your passion. So, it can be useful for spraying in the bridal chamber. You can also add a few drops to the bath or massage your partner with gardenia essential oil.

8. Increase breast milk production

Gardenia oil acts as a galactagogue, it can stimulate more breast milk in nursing women. This oil is not safe for pregnant women, but it provides benefits to women after childbirth, namely to launch breast milk, and this is not dangerous because in breast milk there are only a few active substances.

9. Improve circulation

The health benefits of essential oils can also improve blood circulation so that oxygen supply throughout the body is adequate. This will give the various organs the work they hope for. Now, when the oxygen flow is good, the good effect for humans is that it is able to improve cognition, prevent anemia, prevent fatigue, heal the injured and good for surgery.

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Side Effects of Gardenia Essential Oil

Among the possible side effects when using gardenia essential oil are skin irritation, inflammation and individual complications according to age and medical condition. Usually gardenia oil side effects occur when you use it in excessive amounts.

The Irritation is very easy to occur if your skin is sensitive and allergic. Among the symptoms of allergies are itching, redness, irritation. To prevent irritation, be careful when using it. Apply a small amount first and see how it reacts. If it is safe, you can smear it with a larger amount. Also, for safety you can mix it with other carrier oils like olive oil. This aims to reduce the reaction of active substances in gardenia essential oil.