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Top 5 Cornmeal Substitutes for Your Recipe

Cornmeal Substitute for Your Recipe

Cornmeal is a food ingredient used in making sweet snacks such as muffins, biscuits and cookies. What if you are running low on cornmeal, or you cannot consume cornmeal for various medical reasons? Of course you have to find a cornmeal substitute for your recipe. This type of corn tortilla is also made from cornstarch and is widely used in various recipes or to thicken chilies.

If you run out of stock, you have to find one of the best substitutes for cornmeal. For those of you who need this information, please read on this article until it’s finished.

What is Cornmeal?

Cornmeal is flour that comes from corn kernels, it is the same as corn flour. Sometimes you find it difficult to distinguish between cornmeal and corn flour. There is an easy way to distinguish the two, cornmeal has a larger grain than corn flour. Perhaps the corn kernels in cornmeal range from 300 to 600 micrometers in size. While corn flour grains are around 600 micrometers.

We know that corn contains a lot of nutrients, so cornmeal is also packed with various nutritional contents in it. The highest nutrition is carbohydrates, in the size of one cup of cornmeal, this already contains 95 grams of carbohydrates. Apart from that, cornmeal is also rich in other nutrients such as fiber, iron and phosphorus.

Cornmeal is used in baking bread to give your cake the same texture as bread. If you don’t have cornmeal, we’ve prepared some of the best substitutes for cornmeal.

Top Cornmeal Substitutes

Cornmeal is an essential ingredient in many recipes, but don’t worry because if you can’t use cornmeal, you have some of the best substitutes we have prepared. But before you look for a replacement, you must first understand in what recipe you will use cornmeal. So, these cornmeal substitutes work well according to certain recipes, sometimes there are recipes that are suitable using this substitute, or that substitute.

The purposes of using cornmeal are: First, to enhance the taste of food, and the second is to give texture. So, if you use cornmeal for flavor, then you can replace it with other corn products. If you use cornmeal to get a good texture, then you can use substitutes for ingredients that have the same texture.

Here are some of the best cornmeal substitutes for several recipes.

1. Polenta

Polenta, the name is a little strange, but it is actually cornmeal as well, but it is ground more coarsely. The polenta is available in several grades, from smooth to coarse.

So, both of them have in common, that is, both of them are from corn. So, you can substitute polenta for cornmeal in several recipes.

2. Grits as substitute for cornmeal

Grits are made from cornmeal, you can also make them using polenta. Polenta is the smaller ground corn. Sometimes you are also confused with grits and cornmeal because they both look the same. But what you should pay attention to is that cornmeal is smaller than grits.

In practice, grits and cornmeal are made the same way, so you can substitute for both. You can use cornmeal with polenta using the same ratio (same ratio).

3. Corn flour

Corn flour, because it is made from corn, they can also replace each other. The corn flour is the best substitute for cornmeal in certain recipes. Corn lour is the best corn kernels that are slightly coarsely ground.

We remember again what I said earlier, that before looking for a substitute, we must know what to use flour in a recipe. If the flour you use is to enhance the taste, then you can replace the cornmeal with corn flour. It is the best substitute for flavor as they both come from corn.

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4. Masa harina

Cornmeal Substitute

Furthermore, the best substitute for cornmeal is Masa harina. This is a very popular flour in tortilla making. Masa harina is a type of corn flour, so it can be used to replace cornmeal in certain foods.

Suppose you want to make bread with cornmeal, and you don’t have cornmeal. You can substitute Masa harina right away and it works well in baking bread.

But there is a slight difference in taste, because Masa harina uses a little lime, so your food will have a slight lime aroma. That’s all the difference, and it’s not a problem with your bread.

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5. Flour as Cornmeal Substitute

Flour is another ingredient that readily replaces cornmeal in certain recipes. Maybe the taste is different from cornmeal, but you can find a texture that is almost the same as when you use cornmeal.

Among the flour that is suitable for replacing cornmeal is Rice flour and wheat flour. Both are suitable for you to use as a substitute for cornmeal in baked goods such as toast.

You can also mix flour with grounds oats. This mixture is ready to replace cornmeal in baking recipes.


Those are some of the best choices to replace cornmeal in your recipes. However, the first 4 ingredients are the best because they all come from corn.

While the 5th is the least suitable to replace cornmeal. So, we recommend that you mix the flour with other ingredients such as ground wheat, or breadcrumbs to get a texture similar to cornmeal.

So, when you need cornmeal and you’re out of stock in your kitchen, why not try one of the 4 ingredients above. Keep trying and good luck!