Benefits of Banana Leaf for Humans

Benefits of Banana Leaf for Humans

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Benefits of banana leaf – We often consider banana leaves in one eye, maybe we just use it as a food wrapper. In fact, banana leaves have more benefits than that is for human health. Benefits of banana leaves can not be separated from the nutritional content in it. Among the important substances in banana leaf are Lignin, Allantonlin, Hemiselulosa, Polyphenols, and Proteins. The content provides the benefits of banana leaves such as reducing heat and relieve headaches.

Ok, for those who do not know the benefits of banana leaves, you can continue reading this article because we will provide information related to benefits of banana leaf. The benefits are not only as a craft material or as a raw material for wrapping rice.

12 Benefits of Banana Leaf In Life

Banana leaf for wrapping rice
Banana leaf for wrapping rice

1. Treating the throat

One of the benefits of banana leaves is to relieve pain in the throat such as difficulty drinking and difficulty eating. You simply boil the old banana leaf tau already dried. Boil like you make regular tea, drink 2 times a day. This is enough for a day, then your throat will heal as usual. If not, check with your doctor to find out exactly what is going on.


2. Lower the hot temperature

Furthermore, the benefits of banana leaf is lowering heat. Boil the banana leaf and let stand cool. Then give a little honey to add the properties and taste. Drink this stew a few times.

3. Increase endurance

Banana leaf was also useful to increase body resistant. Content such as allantolin in banana leaf is useful for immune system. So natural to consume stew of banana leaves can increase our body resistance so that the body is resistant to disease attacks.

4. Curing dysentery

Dysentery disease occurs due to inflammation of the intestine so as to bleed blood during defecation. One of the traditional ingredients to cure dysentery is banana leaves. Banana leaf contains a substance that can overcome the inflammation of the intestine so that cure dysentery.

5. Maintain skin beauty

Furthermore, the benefits of banana leaf is a natural ingredient for skin beauty. Skin beauty is usually treated by making a face mask. You can also make a mask from banana leaf for skin beauty. However, this time we did not give a way to make a mask, but the boiled water of banana leaves. Banana leaf water can kill bacteria in the skin, then consume or drink boiled water banana leaves on a regular basis can kill bacteria in the skin and make skin always healthy and smooth.

6. Banana leaf leaves are useful for hair health

Who would have thought that a banana leaf was also useful to maintain cleanliness and healthy hair. If you experience itching in coconut or dandruff hair then immediately grab a fresh green banana leaf and blender until smooth like a mask. Then grab the banana leaf blender and place it all over the scalp. Let stand about 1/2 hour and rinse thoroughly.

7. Useful for glaze agate

The benefits of the next banana leaf is the agate of the agate. Used is dried banana leaves, banana leaf on the agate on a continual basis. Your agate will keep shiny and shiny so it looks more beautiful.

8. Wrapping food

Not to forget, the benefits of banana leaves are also great for wrapping food. Usually people use banana leaf wrap noodles, rice, sticky rice or to wrap various side dishes. To be more resistant and not quickly torn, banana leaves can be placed on top of the fireplace until withered.

9. Media for mushrooms planting

Furthermore, banana leaves can be utilized as a growing medium for the growth of fungus because it contains Lignin, hemicellulose, and protein. So, the banana leaf is no longer a waste that is just thrown away in vain.

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10. Livestock feed

Another benefit of banana leaves is in if as chicken feed or other livestock herwan. In addition to containing Lignin, hemicellulose, and protein, it also contains polyphenols. How to make animal feed is by drying banana leaves to dry (usually 7 days), milled banana leaves until smooth resemble flour. This ray contains crude protein, coarse fat, coarse fiber that is good to eat by cattle.