Benefits of Eating Raw Green Almonds

7 Benefits of Eating Raw Green Almonds – Expert Suggests

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We often hear about almonds and are an ingredient that is often used in various recipes. Apparently, Almonds are not only delicious, but have many benefits. The health benefits of almonds have always been a special dance for everyone who pays attention to their health.

Almonds are one of the popular foods rich in nutrients, they are widely used as an ingredient in various Indian dishes and others. In general, almonds are a healthy food that humans should eat. There are so many health benefits stored in these nuts.

Experts also suggest getting nutrition from almonds by soaking them. The water is drinkable and supplies many nutrients. Indeed, we often hear about its use after ripening, but it turns out that raw green almonds are also very rich in benefits. Many nutritionists highlight the benefits of almonds in general, but here we are going to talk more specifically about almonds, these are the health benefits of raw green almonds.

So, how to consume it must peel the skin first.

Lets Take a Look a Brief of Almonds

Raw almond benefits

Almonds are not only rich in nutrients like other nuts but are also enriched with nutrients such as manganese and magnesium. These nutrients are also needed by the body even in small amounts.

The benefit of copper is to produce red blood cells, it is also classified as a catalyst in the storage and release of iron.

The benefits of manganese and magnesium are also important in the formation of collagen to maintain healthy skin, cartilage, bones, and keep tendons supple. The benefits of manganese are important in the formation of normal bone structure and maintaining glucose metabolism. This process helps the body break down carbohydrates and fats into fuels that can produce energy or may become antioxidants.

In addition, raw almonds are also enriched with riboflavin or vitamin B2. The benefit is for the growth and repair of body tissues. The health benefits of raw almonds also lower one’s risk of developing gallstones, this also helps one in maintaining a healthy weight.

In addition, almonds are also rich in vitamin E, where the benefits of vitamin E are to help heart health, protect the body from cataracts and cervical cancer. Vitamin E also has other benefits such as boosting immunity and even some medical professionals believe that among the benefits of vitamin E is to help patients with Parkinson’s.

Just by consuming about 1 ounce of almonds we have more than 1/3 RDA of vitamin E than the average person.

Raw almonds are included in the low glycemic index and are cholesterol free, so there is no doubt that they are included in a healthy diet. This means that almonds are also good for diabetics and can protect or prevent someone from getting this degenerative disease.

After you soak the almonds, you should store them in the fridge. Almonds can be eaten alone, included in cakes, as a topping for various cakes or as an addition to salads, desserts and mixed with chickpeas.

According to nutritionist Nmami Agarwal, raw almonds are beneficial for overall health.

Let us have a look below some of the health benefits of eating raw almonds.

7 Health Benefits Of Raw Green Almonds

1. Full Of Fiber

Green almonds are rich in fiber so they are good as a food to improve digestive health. You can include raw almonds in your daily diet and it can improve digestion, metabolism and regulate bowel movements in a stable manner.

The fiber content in green almonds can help us feel full longer.

2. Loaded With Antioxidants

Besides being rich in fiber, green almonds are also a source of antioxidants, meaning that they can fight free radicals in the body so as to prevent the formation of cancer cells.

Antioxidants also fight inflammation and prevent seasonal illnesses such as colds and flu.

3. Rich In Vitamin E

The benefit of vitamin E is that it acts as an antioxidant which can reduce markers of oxidative stress in the body. Vitamin E is also great for liver health and lung function.

So, it is recommended for all of us to include it in our daily diet, this will provide maximum benefits to the body.

4. Supports Heart Health

As already mentioned, green almonds (raw) which are rich in vitamin E and fiber are good for the heart. Both do promote better heart health.

Green almonds are also rich in unsaturated fats, omega 3 fatty acids, and are enriched with plant sterols. These compounds can effectively improve heart health.

5. Great For Skin

The benefits of vitamin E are also useful as an important nutrient for the skin. Eating foods that are sources of vitamin E can give you clear, acne-free skin, and can slow down the aging process.

6. Good for hair health

Almonds contain omega 3 fatty acids whose benefits can promote blood flow to the hair roots, this can certainly stimulate maximum hair growth.

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Green almonds are also believed to control and control frizz and strengthen hair roots.

7. Support Bone Health

Not only good for hair, but the health benefits of almonds are also good for bone health. Almonds are rich in vitamin K, zinc, protein, manganese, copper, magnesium, etc. which are great for improving bone health.

By now, if you have finished reading this, hopefully you are aware of the health benefits of raw almonds. So, it’s not wrong if you include it in your daily diet and enjoy the benefits it provides.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to consume excessive amounts, moderation is the key. Anything in excess is definitely neither good nor bad, especially when it comes to health.

What Does Green Almonds Taste Like?

green almond on the tree in last of April

Green almonds have a delicate taste, and they taste best when you dip them in salt. But for optimal benefits we don’t recommend doing that.

The texture is soft, and somewhat feels like jelly. As you get older, the texture will get harder. At first the seeds are translucent, then develop like grapes, and then become opaque like milk, and then become soft to the bite.

Where Can I Buy Green Almonds?

To get green almonds, of course we have to have our own garden so we can harvest at any time. Because actually, these almonds are harvested after they are ripe, so it is very difficult for us to find those that are still raw.

Usually, one can find green almonds in a farmer’s garden during the fruiting season and before harvest time. You can also buy specials, they may be available online now.

How to Eat Green Almond

How to use green almonds? or how to eat green almonds?

Usually, green almonds are eaten as a snack, some people dip them in sugar or salt. If you don’t like to enjoy it this way, you can add green almonds to your salad to add texture to your salad and add nutrition to your salad. You can combine it with jeweled lettuce, sweet peas or use it in Spanish garlic soup.

How to Store Green Almonds

Green almonds can be stored at a cool, dry room temperature for several days after harvest. If you want it to last longer, you can wrap it in plastic and store it in the fridge.

Green almonds are actually a springtime delicacy when eaten fresh. Usually almond trees bear fruit and are about to ripen in late April, if you get the chance you can take a walk to an almond orchard in California.