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Top 10 Amazon Rain-forest Plants and Flower

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Amazon Rainforest Plants – The largest tropical rainforest in the world in America, this is known as the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon forest covers most of Brazil, Colombia, Peru and several countries in South America.

Its very strategic location causes the Amazon rainforest to become a habitat for a variety of living creatures both plants, trees or animals.

As a place for plants, tropical rainforests are the place to live more than 60 thousand species of plants. Various plants that are not found elsewhere, are in the Amazon forest. Of the thousands of species of plants and trees, we have listed 10 Amazon rainforest plants and flowers. What are the plants, here we see one by one.

Amazon Rainforest Plants

1. Heliconia (Heliconia latispatha)

Heliconia is also known as “Hanging Lobster Claw” which is based on its shape like a lobster. This is a flower that is very common in the Amazon, its red color makes many animals such as birds and beetles come to it.

Hummingbirds are a type of bird that makes this plant a nesting place and as a food source. Instead, hummingbirds become pollinators of the Heliconia plant.

2. Orchid (unranked)

This is an orchid plant which is the kingdom of the largest orchid. This is an orchid that is very easy to adapt to various regions of the world. As with other flowers, Orchid needs other creatures to pollinate.

Types of orchids that live in the Amazon rainforest generally have parasitic roots that colonize their hosts. This provides an opportunity for them to easily get food and water.

3. Cacao (Theobroma cacao)

The Amazon forest is also a place for cacao growth. This plant can grow with heights ranging from 15 to 25 feet. Cocoa is fruitful by giving rise to a green pod. This color will gradually change to brown and ready for harvest.

The genus is “Theobroma” this means is food for the gods. So, the locals respect the cocoa plants very much because this relates to their beliefs.

4. Passion Flower (Passiflora edulis)


Furthermore, the Amazon forest plant is a passion flower. This is a vine that is usually seen hanging in the Amazon Rainforest canopy. This flower is very unique, purple and white are very similar to plastic and have a distinctive smell.

Amazonians have long used the leaves of this plant as traditional medicine to relieve pain and function as a sedative. The fruit can be eaten and is good for treating coughs.

5. Giant Water Lily (Victoria Amazonica)


Giant Water Lily is one type of Amazon forest plant. It grows in the Amazon river valley. The leaves are very unique and can save themselves from prey by growing a lot of thorns in all parts of the leaves. The unique thing about this plant is its leaves, as the name suggests, it has a large leaf size that can even grow up to 46 cm.

Another uniqueness is being able to hold loads up to 136 kg. Of course, with his strength, it can withstand the average human weight.

6. Bromeliad (unranked)

Bromeliads are plants from the Amazon forest that have bright flowers. The color ranges from purple and blue to even red and orange. Just like passion flower, Bromeliad is also a plant that produces fruit.

To save water, this plant has its uniqueness. The curved and arranged leaves overlap as if the water tank can hold up to 7 liters of water.

7. Coffee Plant (Coffea arabica)

Pepper plants that are widespread and thrive in the Amazon forest are coffee. Coffee grows to a height of 30 feet. Coffee has small seeds that are used as raw material for making coffee. Because of these seeds, the coffee tree is one of the important plants on the planet.

Coffee is a plant that likes to grow in the shade of other trees. the Amazon rainforest is a very suitable place because he is very busy.

8. Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis)

This is a rubber tree which is the raw material for making vehicle tires. Economically, rubber is an important plant in human life, especially the Amazon tribe.

Rubber trees originally grew endemic in the Amazon rainforest. But later, this plant was grown on a large scale in Southeast Asia. Now, rubber is one of the important commodities in Southeast Asia.

9. Banana (Musa sp.)

Other Amazon Rainforest Plants are bananas. actually, bananas are not trees like other plants. However, bananas are herbs whose stem content consists of 93% water.

Bananas are famous throughout the world as a fruit-producing tree because of the incredible benefits of bananas. Banana plants are the fourth largest plant in the world.

10. Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

Poinsettia is plants originating from the Amazon rainforest. This plant has its own beauty from its bright red leaves. Make the flowers interesting but the leaves are beautiful. The flowers are yellowish surrounded by leaves.

The red leaves of the plant “Poinsettia” called “bracts” function to attract pollination from animals around it. While the blooming time is around December.