About us

Letgoforhealthylive is a website that provides information about health. Through this website we invite everyone to live healthy by consuming healthy foods full of nutrients. So, we always present contents related to fruits, vegetables, healthy food with certain nutritional contents, including herbs and seafood which are now popular foods.

Through the pages on letsgoforhealthylive.com we provide health information that we feel is very important for us to know in living this healthy life.

Every information we provide is in the form of information that encourages and understands more about the importance of healthy living. If there are natural remedies or traditional herbs that we present the benefits of, it is for information only, we do not intend to overtake health professionals. In addition, the various health benefits of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other foods are for providing information only, not inviting you to use them without advice from your doctor. If you want to use it as medicine, then you must consult a health professional first.

So, thus, it is clear that the purpose of this web is to promote healthy living or encourage healthy living for all of us. So, this website can add to your health information and knowledge. Meanwhile, to carry out all forms of treatment must be with the advice of your doctor.